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Sep 13, 2010 11:00pm EDT
they expect about 32 percent of voters to gg to the polls. michael buczyner has the story of a very surprise endorsement in the hotty contested baltimore state's attorney race that could have a major impact. >> just hours before vottrs decide who will likely be baltimore's next state's attorney. high profile defense attorney said he is breaking with tradition. civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger bernstein over jessamy. the latest high profile endorsement for bernstein comms on the heels of similar3 endorsemenns from the baltimore sun and city's police union. jessamy has picked up high profile endorsements, including the baptist minister's conference. and today at a community her accomplishments in office. >> over the course of my time as state's attorney i haveedone an outstanding job. and i continueeto pprform on -ehaaf of the citizens. >> there have been so any disasters in that office. so many failed opportunities. time for baltimore to get something that is better than that. >> murphy also said that e was offended by the recent remarks jessamy ma
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, long before kickoff the grills and fans were fired up for football. michael buczyner is live at m&t bank stadium with fan reaction to the inssate rivvlry. -> kristen, good evening.3 parking lots here at m&t bank stadium transformed into a massive party. thousands of fans from both schools, swamppd into the parking lots, durinn football tailgaaeing and having a great ú%me. at the end of the day, they had one thing in common. call it a collision of crabs and college football. crab bowl. there were burgers, beverages, and, of ccurse, ssme fired up fans. >> navy is going to win. >> for just the 21st time since 1905. >> heck of a game. >> the terrapins and midshipmen met in the crab bowl. >> a lot of fun. for bragging rights. >> i would call it a rivalry, nothing less. >> some fans saw supremacy in the sky. >> you see the signs? look what does it say? be there. %-telling the future, withune predictions. %->> naval academy graduate robú schneiier took time for a triiute..3 >> this game means everything tt me.ú >> wading in a sea of red, surrounded by foe snyder stood out and so did h
Sep 13, 2010 10:00pm EDT
for city state'' attorney. michael buczyner joons us with the latest high profile endorsement given out earlier today and how it could affect the outcome of the race. %->> jeff, one day before voters decide who will likely be the next sttae's aatorney, high profile against attorney aid he is brraking with tradition. >> violent crime has declined by 59 percent. >> although mrs. jessamy is a nice personn office has stagnateedd >> in the final hours, leading up to primary day, jessamy and campaign pitch. and so are outsiders. >> i am supporting bern 17 for state's attorney. >> former judge and prominent murf is he breaking withy, billy tradition. and endown, challenger greg bernstein for city state attorney. >> so many disasters in thaa office. so many failed opportunities. time for baltimooe to get something etter than ttat. >> murphy's announcement comes on the heels of several other high profile endorsements for bernstein. including the city police union and baltimore sun. >> it is time to stop the revolving door and try to prosecute more effeccively criminals. >> i look forward to co
Sep 20, 2010 10:00pm EDT
that a lot of money is going toward more national needs. >> michael buczyner, fox 455news at 10:00. >> osha said it eceivedd165 viable grant applications thisú yeer, with 75 percent of them -oming from non-profits, academic institutions and community based organizations. >> well, the official start of fall is just around the corner. >> but it looks like you will have one last taste of the summer season. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky atch forecast. ú% vytas? >> things are heating up through the next couple of days herr. now, today was comfortable. clear skies. as we can see on radar. scanning the region. no precipitatton to talk about. conditions, thanks to highce dry pressure in the neighborhood. looking at the temperatures. slightly warmer down towarddthe nation's capitol, at 81. that's the high today down there. 81 in freddricksberg. 84 in charlootes vil. hagerstown.cross baltimore only upper 60s out there in western maryland. and heeeeis what it looks like right now. in the comfortable 60s. drop into the lower 60s. upper 50s across the statt. so
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)